Culinary School Spotlight: Seth Alexander

IMG_9327Seth Alexander came to The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware with more than a year’s worth of kitchen experience under his belt. Over the past year and a half, he’s been working his way up at the Chase Center on the Riverfront. Starting in the dish room, Seth gradually worked his way into the kitchen. He admits he didn’t know a lot, but the cooks showed him the way.

“I became pretty successful, but I still felt I lacked the technical skills and nuances that come with this profession,” he says. “I knew that if I wanted to move on in this profession and go to other kitchens, I needed to go to school.”

Seth filled out an application for The Culinary School at the Newark facility on a whim. He got a call back from Culinary Training Program Manager Sonia Murrey.

Now that he’s been a student at The Culinary School for more than two months, Seth is already seeing improvements in his skill set. He is still working nights and weekends at the Chase Center and is utilizing both his new and improved skills in the kitchen.

“The cooking techniques have been helpful, especially learning how to break down a whole chicken,” he says.

The classwork has also been beneficial. “I take pride in my classwork. Getting good test scores is important. I think the classwork has been really instrumental to my growth,” he explains. “I take that stuff back to work; I’ve noticed a change in that aspect, and I am going back to work as a better professional now.”

When asked what his favorite dish to prepare is, he said, “My favorite dish is always what the people love. I take pride in cooking what people love. We aren’t cooking for ourselves, we are cooking for other people. But if I had to say a favorite dish I would go with seafood. I like to prepare fish. I would go with a nice prepared Atlantic salmon with squash. I think I am multifaceted when it comes to cooking. I like doing it all.”

Seth sees “big things” for himself in five years. “Eventually, I want to be the head of my own business, but in five years I still think I’ll be working in a great profession. I am looking forward to doing my internship at Delaware Park and continuing to work at the Chase Center.”

He looks forward to traveling and taking hospitality courses along the way. “I feel that education will continue for me for the next five years,” he says.

Seth encourages others interested in a career in the culinary field to take advantage of the training program at The Culinary School. “Everybody has to start from somewhere, and if you need a perfect place to start from that will educate you as well as address some of your professional inefficiencies, this is the place.”

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