End of Summer Blog

by Kevin Crean, Communications Intern

Interning at the Food Bank of Delaware has been one of the more unique experiences in my life. The definition of the “Communications Intern” is a broader job description than I originally thought, but it turned out to make this summer interesting and eye-opening in the best way possible. Between the blogs I wrote, the places I visited, and the people I met, I’ve learned about so many different things this summer that I never even knew existed.

Going into my first day at the Food Bank of Delaware, I was only expecting to learn about the different aspects of the Communications field. My boss, Kim Turner, did an awesome job showing me all the different aspects of marketing, promotion and communications. Between learning how to work with Adobe programs like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and writing multiple different blogs of my own throughout the summer, I have picked up computer and writing skills that I not only wanted to learn, but needed to learn. While all of these skills were awesome to learn, I think the coolest part about my job were the field trips we went on throughout Delaware.

My more valuable experiences as the Communication Intern came from our trips to different sites. Kim and I traveled almost every week, and we went to different places to view our distribution sites, Grab and Go programs, and even to the other branch of the Food Bank. Between going to Wilmington, other places in Newark, and travelling downstate, my experiences enlightened me thoroughly on how present hunger is not only in the state of Delaware, but throughout our country.

My experience here at the Food Bank was not only important in learning skills for my career path in the future, but also contained the priceless experiences I wouldn’t have been a part of anywhere else. I would like to say thank you to the Food Bank of Delaware for this opportunity, and for not only equipping me with the tools to move forward in my career, but for also making this internship a once in a lifetime experience!



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