Getting a step up at The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware

063014_TCS studentsBy Gwen Guerke, Communications Coordinator

For some students attending The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware, the training is not about getting a fresh start. It’s more like a booster shot or a step up.

Take Curtis Bailey, for example. The Dover resident brings plenty of experience in the restaurant business, but not in the kitchen. He worked mostly in the front of the house as a server and bartender.

“Yes, I knew a little about the kitchen, but I needed more training, more of the basics,” he said.

Curtis also found the format of The Culinary School very appealing; he didn’t want to spend two years studying in a community college.

The Culinary School program lasts a total of 14 weeks, 12 of which are spent on site at the food bank learning the basics, including but not limited to meat fabrication, cooking techniques, and soups and sauces, and studying for the ServSafe exam, as well as brushing up on life skills curriculum.

Antonio Kokkinos from Bishopville, Md. drives at least an hour a day to school, and he feels the time spent on the road is a worthwhile investment.

Like Curtis, Antonio already ventured into the world of food service with his job at Panera Bread in West Ocean City, Md.

“I had a friend in the last class,” he said. “I talked to him about going to school.”

He also enjoys learning the basics, such as knife skills.

“I love the kitchen,” Antonio added.

Both students say they would recommend The Culinary School to prospective students.

“If anybody’s on the fence, I tell them ‘You’ll get more out of this program, and they place you in a spot.’,” Curtis said.

The next culinary class at the Milford Branch begins on August 18; Newark’s class begins on September 22. Applications are currently being accepted for both classes. Click here to apply online or to learn more about the program.


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