Volunteer Spotlight: Sister Jackie Hood and Sister Yasmin Ransom

0328_volunteer photoBy Gwen Guerke, Communications Coordinator

April is volunteer appreciation month! We can’t feed one in four Delawareans without the dedication of volunteers.

Our volunteers lend a hand for many reasons and come from all walks of life.

Even so, it is a bit of a surprise to learn that two young ladies who help pack children’s meals on a weekly basis at the Milford branch are thousands of miles away from home.

Sister Jackie Hood is from Farmington, Utah and Sister Yasmin Ransom hails from Fresno, California.

Currently residents of nearby Harrington, they are a missionary team with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

It was somewhat serendipitous that they selected the Food Bank as part of their service.

Sister Ransom said the two were driving by and happened to see the sign from Airport Road.

“We were encouraged to service,” she said. “We pretty much do whatever is asked.”

So for the past nine weeks, the two missionaries come once a week. In addition to their other daily church-related responsibilities, they help out at the state-sponsored Job Center in Harrington.

Sister Hood and Sister Ransom said they were called into the 18-month mission to teach the gospel face to face and to introduce people to their church.

Matthew Brandi, volunteer coordinator at the Milford branch, says he welcomes these volunteers.

“They come in, and they know what to do,” he said.

Volunteers are always needed, and new volunteers can sign up online. Visit our online scheduling site, http://www.fbd.volunteerhub.com, or contact the volunteer coordinator at (302) 393-2011 or volunteerinmilford@fbd.org. For opportunities in New Castle County, please contact (302) 444-8075 or volunteer@fbd.org.


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