LANA the Iguana

IMG_6919Meet LANA (Learning about Nutrition through Activities) the Iguana, the newest member of the Food Bank’s Nutrition Education team! Lana is a loveable iguana who only eats fruits and vegetables! Yesterday she accompanied Alina Wade, our Community Nutrition Educator, on a visit to the Absalom Jones Head Start program for preschool-aged children. Lana and Alina visited four classes yesterday!

Lana is no stranger to the kids at Absalom Jones! She was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses, as yesterday was her third visit to program.  The cute little iguana loves fruits and vegetables and shares her enthusiasm for healthy eating with the children!

LANA the Iguana was developed by the Minnesota Department of Health to help children learn to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables. The goal of the LANA Preschool Program is to help young children eat more fruits and vegetables each day to promote good health, healthy weight and reduced risk of chronic disease

Yesterday, children were introduced to the apricot. But before they started, a brief review of last week’s featured vegetable, broccoli! Last week, the children had a chance to make their own miniature broccoli forrest by standing broccoli florets up in a cup of dip. Reviews were mixed on the broccoli sample they tasted, but one preschooler shared with the group that while she doesn’t like broccoli, she does like horses!

Each session is only 30 minutes long to keep the children engaged and focused. Yesterday Alina read, Lana Plays a Trick on Tenzin. After the story, children were asked if they knew about the apricot. Alina explained that apricots grow on trees. To show where their food comes from, the group played “pin the apricot on the tree.” The children lined up, closed their eyes and did their best to get the apricot on the tree! Before long it was time to say goodbye to Lana and Alina. Lana departed to a sea of preschool hugs and kisses!

Next week when Lana and Alina visit they will continue to learn about apricots. Using dried apricots pretzel rods and raisins, the children will create apricot “bugs!”

To learn more about Lana the Iguana, please contact Alina Wade, Community Nutrition Educator, at or (302) 292-1305 ext 210.

Check out some pictures from yesterday’s visit with Lana!


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