Reflecting on my internship

By Mackenzie Rowe, Communications Intern

I have really enjoyed interning at the Food Bank of Delaware for the past few months. I now have a deeper understanding of how vital the Food Bank is to the success of the community.  FBD does so much more than distribute food. The variety of programs offered here, such as The Culinary School, SNAP-ed and the Mobile Pantry, show how connected FBD is to its vision of a hunger free Delaware. These programs prove that FBD understands how intertwined social issues, such as poverty and education level, are to hunger. Instead of simply distributing food, FBD provides hope for participants in these programs. I think that my time at the Food Bank has shown me how to realistically create social change. These issues may seem very difficult to fix when looking at the big picture, but change is accomplished one person at a time. Positivity has the potential to spread quickly if the foundation is there. That is exactly what FBD attempts to do, to give struggling Delawareans the necessary foundation to create a better future.  

This experience has given me a glimpse into the non-profit sector. Throughout my internship I have been exposed to many different programs, meetings, events and people. This exposure has allowed me to gain knowledge about the structure of FBD. As an indecisive college student, my career goals change frequently. This internship has given me some direction. I have learned about jobs that I had no idea existed. Although I am still not sure where I will end up working, it is comforting to know that there are more options for rewarding careers than I had previously thought. My favorite part of the internship has been getting to know the employees at FBD. Their humility is inspiring and I know that I will remember that mentality as I consider what I would like to do after graduation. I have truly learned the importance of having an intrinsically rewarding job. This lesson will stay with me as I navigate my way through the world post-graduation.


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