Culinary Spotlight: Linda Coleman

By Mackenzie Rowe, Communications Intern

photoThe Culinary School’s 35th class started their program on October 7th. Among the new group of students, is 51 year old Linda Coleman. After reading about The Culinary School in the News Journal, Linda decided to apply. At first she was reluctant to make such a big career change, but after coming in for an interview and hearing more about the program her worries subsided.

Linda has a wide range of experience. In the 80’s, she worked as a head waitress at a restaurant. This is her only previous experience with the food industry. After that, she spent sixteen years working in the banking industry, purchasing limited partnerships and working with investments and liabilities. Then, she was employed as a representative of a medical billing company. Since she has only seen the restaurant business from the outside, Linda is eager to learn about the production of food. She explained, “So far, I have lived life as a consumer. I am excited to move from a consumer to a producer.” Another favorite part of the program for her is getting to know her classmates and seeing all of their unique talents. “I try not to mother them too much,” she said with a laugh.

“I love the way that Chef talks about real life situations.” Linda told me, “When I look back at my neighborhood, I wish that we had a program like this closer. I do believe that it could be a crime prevention technique.”

Outside of the classroom, Linda loves spending time with her family. She is grandmother! She also loves to travel and, of course, eat new foods while exploring. Some of her favorite places include: Manhattan, New Orleans, Charleston and the Dominican Republic. Regardless of location, her favorite meal is a Caesar salad, chicken fettuccini and tiramisu, with a glass of moscato to wash it all down. After graduation, Linda hopes to open her own kitchenette to serve breakfast and lunch in her neighborhood.


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