The Cheesecake Factory and St. Elizabeth’s School team up for peanut butter drive

Cheesecake FactoryBy Caitlin Custer, Donor Outreach Coordinator

For many years The Cheesecake Factory has been partnering with food banks across the country holding peanut butter drives and raising funds to help in their communities. This year, the Christiana Mall’s Cheesecake Factory partnered with St. Elizabeth’s School in Wilmington to hold a joint peanut butter drive. Students throughout the school and employees of The Cheesecake Factory were asked to collect jars of peanut butter – one of the Food Bank of Delaware’s most-needed items – throughout the month. Together they were able to raise 847 pounds of peanut butter and $632 in donations for the Food Bank. As a company, The Cheesecake Factory raised 77,121 pounds of peanut butter and $88,779 to benefit Feeding America network food banks.

I had the pleasure of attending the thank you ceremony that The Cheesecake Factory held for the two top performing classes at St. Elizabeth’s, Ms. Quill’s sixth grade class and Mrs. Cleary’s eighth grade class. Each student in each of the classes got to order a cheesecake slice of their choice, and last Thursday The Cheesecake Factory brought all of the slices for the students to enjoy. The most popular choice was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake! Pictured are Mrs. Cleary, Ms. Quill, John the general manager of Christiana Cheesecake Factory, and the two top-performing students. Thanks so much to The Cheesecake Factory and all of St. Elizabeth’s School for their hard work and commitment to helping their hungry neighbors throughout Delaware!

If you would like to host a peanut butter drive, a Thanksgiving drive or a standard food drive, please contact me at to get set up.


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