Challenge offers some challenges

Food Bank of Delaware staffers started the SNAP Challenge on Friday, agreeing to live for one week on the $4.50 per day allotted to SNAP recipients.

Part of the commitment is to journal not just what they ate and when, but also how they felt physically and emotionally.

Seems like oatmeal is the breakfast of choice for most participating in the Challenge. The store brand is inexpensive and filling. Some folks, like Holly Johnson in Milford and Ashley Michini in Newark, budgeted for coffee, but substituted her regular brew with coffee from Dollar Tree.

Asia Thurston found that by eating three eggs for breakfast got her beyond lunch, so she ate just red beans and rice for dinner. Her journal shows that she was still full.

Others like Ed Matarese, Pat Beebe and Charlotte McGarry bemoaned the fact that the SNAP allotment doesn’t cover the snacks we all reach for from time to time.

Then, there are the distractions created by family members. While Charlotte’s family committed to the Challenge too, Pat had to decline nachos and beer during a football game.

Reading the journals, it’s obvious that the staff is maintaining a positive attitude while adjusting personal lifestyles to comply with the
Challenge guidelines.

The Challenge continues through Thursday, and with it comes lots of planning and some avoidance of social situations that offer plenty of opportunities to get off track.




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