The Culinary School Spotlight: Tevin Dukes

BTeviny Mackenzie Rowe, Communications Intern

Originally from Philadelphia, Tevin first found out about The Culinary School (TCS) from his guidance counselor at William Penn High School. The high school had an incredible kitchen, which made Tevin want to continue to learn about the culinary world. He described the application process and transition into TCS as “really easy and smooth.” He was asked simple questions like “why do you want to be in this program?” Tevin was extremely kind and easy to talk to, so it is not surprising that the application and interview process was not challenging for him.

He has been a student at TCS for more than nine weeks and will start his internship experience soon. His favorite subject in class was learning about all of the different food allergies. When it comes to preparing food, he loves fish and pastries. Chicken Alfredo is his favorite food to eat saying, “I really like the pasta and the richness of the sauce.”

Outside of the classroom, he works at the Border Café in order to “get the feel of the restaurant, how busy it gets, and how the kitchen works.” When asked where he hopes to be in a year, Tevin laughed and responded, “Hopefully working in a good restaurant where I can show my skills off and expand them.” Tevin seems very determined and goal oriented, and states that eventually he would love to have his own business!

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