The Culinary School at the Milford Branch holds first day of class

TCS in Milford first dayBy Gwen Guerke, Communications Coordinator

As the finishing touches were being put on the Food Bank of Delaware’s Milford expansion, the doors of The Culinary School opened for the first time today!

Eleven eager students, ranging in age from 19 up, staked out a seat in the classroom adjacent to the commercial kitchen. I am sure they were they were a bit apprehensive, but their solemn faces masked those feelings as they listened to Brenda Palomo, our Culinary Training Program Manager, explain the ground rules.

This is really a hands-on program, since the students prepared lunch on the very first day!

The students moved from the classroom to the nearby commercial kitchen where they got a quick tour from Chef Instructor Tim Hunter. Stove, freezer, mixer. Wash your hands when you enter the kitchen. So much information in so little time.

During the 14-week program, no doubt the kitchen will become as familiar as their own living rooms, and their doubts and anxieties will be replaced with confidence.

Later this week, these same students will be working at one of our major fundraisers, Dinner in the Orchard, and they may have an opportunity to help prepare some of the gourmet food our guests will enjoy.

I’ll be there, and for me, it will be a chance to meet and greet not only our friends, but Milford’s first Culinary School class.

Stay tuned!

For tickets to Dinner in the Orchard, please visit


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