A Day in the Food Bank Delivery Truck!

By Mike Dombkoski, Communications Internsease2

The Food Bank of Delaware provides a great service to the state of Delaware by providing emergency food assistance for people in need in the area. As an intern working in the office for the most part, it can be easy to overlook or forget that aspect. On August 7th, I had the opportunity to ride along with one of our truck drivers, John Sease, in order to deliver produce to the Food Bank of Delaware’s hunger-relief program partners. I was instantly reminded of all the help the Food Bank does provide.

Dropping off at several stops throughout Northern Delaware, John’s truck was continually greeted by smiling faces at the pickup area. Simply by watching, I could tell how much the people appreciated the produce, which included corn, potatoes, squash and other fresh vegetables, and the services the Food Bank provides. I also noticed how much the volunteers seemed to enjoy John’s presence, and how he seemed to enjoy theirs as well.

“I think you really need to enjoy your job if you want to work here,” said Sease. “I like working here. It’s not just about a paycheck for me.”

The obvious connections between Sease and the volunteers are likely what make John enjoy his job so much. Whether the site was at a church or a daycare, the giant Food Bank of Delaware truck was greeted with smiles each time.

Seeing the people that genuinely need help from the Food Bank not only made me appreciate the work done here, but made me realize how much the people who truly need the assistance appreciate it as well.

On the way back to the Food Bank after our final drop off of the morning, Sease told some short stories from years of experience driving the truck and talked a little about his family. Some of the stories involved dangerous incidents, some involved laughter and some just involved nice experiences with Delawareans. I could tell all of it was sincere.

The Food Bank of Delaware provides a lot of assistance to those in need. But, in the short few hours I spent in the truck, I could tell they provide a lot more than just food.



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