Board Member Spotlight: Thomas Neylon

By Mike Dombkoski,
Communications Intern                                                                                     syngenta

The Food Bank of Delaware would not be able to accomplish much of what we do in the fight against hunger without support from our fantastic board members. One such member is Thomas Neylon, a representative of Syngenta, a company focused on growing crops from fewer resources based in Wilmington.

Neylon and Syngenta recently became sponsors for our Community Supported Agriculture program. Through this, Neylon hopes to shine light on how farmers use Syngenta or other agricultural products while also seeing the benefits firsthand of providing fresh produce to a new segment of the population.

Neylon says he first found out about the Food Bank through Syngenta’s US Coporate office, which has been volunteering here for more than ten years.

“We have performed numerous volunteer jobs from sorting donations to making lunches and backpacks for the school programs,” said Neylon. “It has always made me feel very good when you hear the statistics following a volunteer effort like we just helped pack school backpacks so 500 children will be able to eat that weekend.”

He also sees numerous similarities between how Syngenta and the Food Bank operate, with innovation and a focus on people being pillars of both.

“[Innovation] is evident in The Culinary School, mobile pantry and the various differentiators between the [Food Bank of Delaware] and other food banks,” Neylon said. “[Syngenta] centers on looking at more than single product offerings and looking for new partnerships and collaborations to meet our ambition to help farmers grow more crops with fewer resources.”

“Both Syngenta and the FBD understand that people are their number one asset and have a very professional and motivated workforce.”

Neylon never has an issue finding reasons to stay involved and support the Food Bank either. All he has to do for motivation is think about those who do not know where there next meal is coming from.

“As a native Delawarean, I am always astonished and saddened to hear the ‘hunger statistics’ from so close to home,” he said.

“However, I look forward to listening and learning further about all of the great initiatives and projects that the [Food Bank] undertakes.”

The Food Bank of Delaware looks forward to the continuous support from Tom Neylon and Syngenta and thanks them for what they have already done!


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