Food Bank of Delaware volunteer named one of Governor’s Youth Volunteer of the Year award winners

Devin Volunteer of the YearBy Trevor Turner, Lead Volunteer Coordinator

We love all of our volunteers at the Food Bank of Delaware! We can’t serve one in four Delawareans without them. Milford Branch Volunteer Coordinator Matthew Brandi and I were honored to attend last week’s Governor’s Youth Volunteer awards dinner at Dover Downs! It was an extra special night as one of our own, Devin Hopkins, was honored for her contributions to alleviating hunger in Delaware!

Devin is considered to be a “lead” volunteer at the Food Bank of Delaware.  As a lead volunteer, Devin takes charge of the group and shows them exactly what needs to be done. (These are groups she also organizes with her mother to bring to the Food Bank).  She assists our Milford staff in managing the operations of the volunteer program. While other  students are spending their afternoons in front of the TV or computer, Devin spends each afternoon at the Food Bank or another organization helping to alleviate hunger or striving towards the mission for another good cause. There is no typical task for Devin at the Food Bank of Delaware – she does what needs to be done and does it to the highest standard.

Devin oversees the packing of our After-school Nutrition Program.  This program provides nutritious meals and snacks to after-school programs.  Food for the program is prepared in the Food Bank’s Culinary School kitchen.  Thanks to Devin and other volunteer support, we distributed 346,629 meals through our After-School Nutrition Program last year.  If that isn’t amazing enough on its own, Devin also oversees the organization of our food sorting/stocking program.  When food is donated to the Food Bank of Delaware we are required to “check in” the items.  This process requires Devin to check the expiration dates of the items to ensure older items are salvageable for human consumption.  She also inspects the integrity of the product to ensure that there is no damage that could compromise the food within its packaging.  Through the successful implementation of this program, the Food Bank of Delaware was able to distribute 6.2 million pounds of food.  Without the hard work and dedication of volunteers like Devin, our programs would suffer, and we would be unable to efficiently and effective help the 241,900 Delawareans who currently rely on our emergency food assistance services.

Reliable, passionate and dedicated – that’s Devin.  The quality of Devin’s work is first class, especially when considering her young age. Thanks to Devin’s commitment and dedication, less Delawareans struggle to put meals on the table and can better stretch their budget.  Devin is a unique young volunteer and a remarkable role model.  If everyone in the community were as service minded as Devin, we would have no difficulty achieving a community free of hunger.

Devin has a passion for helping Delawareans as she volunteers not only at the Food Bank, but other organizations as well.  Devin is involved with the Global Aid Network, Coastal Cleanup, Make a Difference Day, her local church (Calvary Wesleyan) and the Milford CP.  Devin dedicates every day to make a difference where she can in her community.  Devin has already been the recipient of the Presidential Gold Service Award for the past two years.  Devin is undoubtedly a future community leader! Thank you, Devin, for your commitment to a community free of hunger!




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