Volunteer Spotlight: Jazmin Johnson

Jazmin volunteer spotlightIt’s National Volunteer Week! We can’t do what we do at the Food Bank of Delaware without the support of volunteers! We recently sat down with Jazmin Johnson to learn why she enjoys spending time at the Food Bank as a volunteer!

How long have you been volunteering at the Food Bank of Delaware?
I have been here since January (Jazmin comes to the Food Bank about three times per week! She is planning to leave for graduate school soon at the University of Cincinatti to study Counseling Psychology)

Why do you enjoy volunteering?
I like giving back to the community. I wanted to give back, but in a different way. Everyone at the Food Bank is so nice and down to Earth. It’s fun here. There’s always something new to do and new people to meet.

What are some of your favorite projects?
The backpacks and packing the meal boxes for families. It’s nice to know that children are not going hungry. It gives you a reality check of how many people in Delaware actually need help.

How does volunteering make you feel?

The shallow answer is it makes feel good. I look at it as my job. I am helping out, but reaching out at the same time. It makes me feel that I am doing my part and contribution to this country on a smaller scale.

What would you say to others to encourage them to volunteer?
Step out of your comfort zone. I think that is my biggest challenge even when I’m speaking to my friends about volunteering. They question why. It’s bigger than just you. Everyone can go to the mall during their free time and spend money, but we should get up and do something for someone else!

Thanks to volunteers like Jazmin we are able to provide one in four Delawareans with much needed food! We are appreciative of all those who share our vision of a community free of hunger! To learn more about volunteering at the Food Bank of Delaware, please visit www.fbd.volunteerhub.com.


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