Increasing access to healthy foods for Delaware’s children

100503-FA-0465webBy Alina Wade, School Nutrition Coordinator

As the School Nutrition Coordinator here at the Food Bank of Delaware, my goal is to partner with as many of Delaware’s non-public schools (private, parochial and charter) working with at-risk populations to increase the nutrition assistance provided to their students and families. And best of all, the nutrition assistance we provide to eligible families is FREE! Like you, we know part of a student’s academic success is directly linked to their healthy nutritional intake and consistent food security. The programs we offer provide nutritional meals after school and on weekends with no fees to the schools or their families.

Schools can go further by providing meals to students to take home on weekends, as well as during after-school enrichment programs, including sports groups. The meals served after school are consumed on-site during the enrichment program. The food provided to at-risk children for the weekends and holidays (when school is not in session or federal school meal programs are not available), are distributed on Fridays or the last day before a holiday or vacation in a discreet manner. All meals are prepared and packaged at the Food Bank and delivered by our hired drivers.

Since I’ve started at the Food Bank of Delaware (a little over a month ago), I have reached out to 18 different organizations and/or schools in a matter of three weeks. Or in other words, reaching out and making these successful partnerships, has allowed us to feed 1,800 children! If this was just the outcome of three weeks, think of what we can do over a year!

If you would like to set up a meeting to further discuss these opportunities and/or have any questions, please contact me via email at or by phone at 302-292-1305 ext. 210.


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