SNAP-Ed Team Member Makes Impact on Marydale Residents

By Meghan Keating, Communications Intern

On Wednesday, January 30 I visited the Marydale Retirement Village in Christiana to sit in on a nutrition class taught by Scott Schuster, one of our Community Nutrition Educators. Scott focused the class on how to grocery shop on a budget. I sat in the back of the community center and observed as a group of about ten women wandered into the large room and took their seats one by one.

As Scott began his presentation, some of the women were a tad skeptical about what he had to say.  It is definitely not an easy task to try to educate a room of women on how to grocery shop on a budget when they have been doing so for decades. However, Scott did a great job!

He gave the group a survey to start and then covered a list of facts and tips on how to grocery shop smartly, such as using coupons, buying in bulk and favoring store brands over name brands. The once skeptical bunch slowly warmed up to the subject matter and began asking more and more questions. Some of their questions included cooking tips for diabetics and how to keep items such as eggs and milk from expiring too fast.

After the presentation was over participants were provided an opportunity to visit a table in the back of the community room where there was an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables for them to take home.
It was such a great feeling when multiple women came up to me after the class and said how much they had learned from Scott, especially how they couldn’t wait to visit the grocery store so they could execute some of the information Knowing that the class would make a difference in their lives was extremely gratifying to both Scott and me!


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