New Beginnings

Culinary Student Reggie TaylorBy Meghan Keating, Communications Intern

This past Wednesday I sat down with Reggie Taylor, one of the current students at The Culinary School at the Food Bank. As we chatted, Taylor shared with me how he first became involved with The Culinary School, what he has learned so far, and how being a student at the school has changed his life.

Taylor first heard of the Food Bank and the Culinary School program through a work release center, and after paying a visit to our facility, decided it was the right choice for him, stating that he really liked the way it was run. Prior to being a student at the school, he worked in home maintenance and also served as an assistant warehouse manager. He says that what he likes most about the school is the fact that the staff is always there when you need them. It is a “crash course”, as Taylor puts it, and a lot of information is taught in a very short amount of time, but it is all about the work that you put in and how successful you want to be in the end.  He also states that some of the most valuable skills he has learned so far include becoming more oriented with how professional kitchens are run in comparison to home kitchens, including the factor of cleanliness.  This is something he says he never knew before becoming a culinary student.

Taylor was also a part of the group of students from The Culinary School who recently helped prepare the food for Governor Jack Markell’s Inaugural Ball.  He says participating in the ball was extremely exciting, commenting on how great the head chef at the Chase Center and his staff were to work with. Overall, he says it was an interesting and pleasant experience that he was able to be a part of.  One of his favorite dishes he’s prepared thus far, he says, was included at the celebration ; a tenderloin slider, which he states was very popular. In addition to the sliders, turkey meatloaf and chicken pot pie complete the list of Taylor’s favorite dishes he has prepared at The Culinary School to date.

Overall, Taylor says that The Culinary School has given him a sense of direction and a new beginning that will help him jump start a new career in the culinary world.

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