The Culinary School spends evening at Governor’s inaugural ball

IMG_3173Last night was a great opportunity! Students from The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware showed off their skills to a crowd of 1,800 at Governor Jack Markell’s inaugural ball.

Students spent Friday, Monday and Tuesday preparing more than 2,000 gourmet sirlion sliders for guests to enjoy. The night of the event students worked alongside other members of the Delaware Restaurant Association. They were in the company of restaurants like Iron Hill Brewery, Harry’s Savoy Grill, Buckley’s Tavern, Nage, Pizza By Elizabeth’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Abbott’s Grill and many more! It was a great opportunity for students to network with others in the industry and demonstrate their abilities.

“The students, under Chef Mark’s leadership, are to be commended,” said our President and CEO, Patricia Beebe. “The Governor and First Lady visited our station for quite some time. It was wonderful. Plus, the students spent a lot of time networking. I heard from many restaurant owners what a wonderful assistance they were and, most importantly, how absolutely delicious the sirloin steak sliders were!”

The students had a great experience!

Delancy Smallwood said, “I enjoyed myself! It was a lovely event!” Another student, Aaron Moses, noted, “it was a great learning experience for us.” And Ronald Seeney said, “just being there was an eye-opener. I had the opportunity to network with so many people!”

We are so thrilled that the students had this opportunity! A special thank you to Carrie Leishman from the Delaware Restaurant Association for helping to make it all happen!

Check out some pictures of the students prepping in our kitchen!





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