A gift to the Food Bank in memory of Donna Richardson-Gray

We are always inspired by the giving nature of Delawareans. We recently received a very generous donation from David and Charmaine Gray in memory of Donna Richardson-Gray. Enclosed with the donation was a very moving tribute to Donna. It reads:

Please accept this donation in memory of Donna A. Richardson-Gray.
Donna was a special person, whose smile would light up a room, but despite her physical limitations due to illness,
unselfishly gave herself to people in need. Especially her family.

Donna passed away this past October, but her memory continues to live on through the many lives
that have been blessed just knowing her. She is greatly missed.  

I pray this donation will assist you in your wonderful works that your organization does, because it reflects the loving heart of our Donna.

Thank you!

The holidays are an especially difficult time of year for families and individuals who have lost loved ones. We reached out to David Gray to find out more about the wonderful life of Donna and why they chose to make a donation in Donna’s memory.

FBD: What is your relation to Donna?
David: Donna was my first wife and although we divorced in May of 2011, we still remained the best of friends and the biggest supporters of each other. We shared over 10 years of our lives together, so we didn’t see a reason for us to not remain friends. She passed away on October 1, 2012.

FBD: Donna seemed like a wonderful person, can you describe her for us?
David: Donna had a smile that was brighter than a room full of flawless diamonds. She was very giving of herself and her time, regardless of how she was feeling, despite dealing with her own health issues with Lupus and Sarcoidosis, but when it came to being there for her family and friends nothing stopped her. Once you met her you would never forget her loving and caring way. Donna also was a singer who sang at weddings, funerals or wherever you needed her and she had the voice of an angel.

FBD: In what ways did she help the community?
David: If Donna couldn’t give of herself, she would make sure a donation would be given of some type. She gave to her Seventh Day Adventist church,  whether it was to sign for a service or just be there in support of something someone was having.

FBD: Why did you choose the Food Bank of Delaware to make such a generous gift in her memory?
David: We believe in paying blessings forward, and we have had the opportunity not only to know of the Food Bank of Delaware but to also have benefited from your giving as well. Donna blessed us and now we are paying it forward the best we can in her loving memory.

FBD: What would Donna have said to others to encourage them to be active in the community?
David: Give of yourself as freely as possible, giving back to help others not only feels good in the soul but it gives other a chance to see what it is like to give of one’s self and not expect anything in return could possibly start others to give more of themselves as well. Keep giving back, because you never know when you will be in need.

Thank you to the Gray’s for their generosity this holiday season!

To learn more about memorial gifts to the Food Bank of Delaware, please contact Larry Haas, Development Director, at lhaas@fbd.org.


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