Partnering with the Colonial School District to feed more Delaware families

Yesterday the Colonial School District announced that it now has six in-school pantries for district families. Colonial is the only district in the entire state with this many school pantries! We are so proud of the work they are doing to alleviate hunger in our community! Food for the pantries come from the Food Bank, school food drives and other community donations.

“We are proud to partner with the Colonial School District to ensure that children and their families have access to nutritious foods. With six in-school pantries, the district understands that good nutrition goes hand in hand with education,” said our President and CEO Patricia Beebe.

Molly Perdue organizes the pantry at Colonial’s Eisenberg Elementary and is thrilled with the partnership. “The
partnership has been amazing.  The families needs are able to be met more efficiently, and after meeting physical needs the students are more apt to succeed academically. It has helped have less stress on parents and it has been able to foster a more caring relationship between parents and the school,” she said.

The pantry is stocked with not just nonperishables and frozen goods, but winter coats and other important information for families. The Eisenberg pantry serves as a benchmark for not only pantries in the school district, but the state of Delaware.

Paula Angelucci is Supervisor of Nutrition Services for the district and also a member of the Food Bank’s Anti-Hunger Coalition. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to assist our families. Hunger does not take time off; we know that our families truly appreciate the efforts of the school district and the Food Bank of Delaware to help them.”

In addition to the school pantry at Eisenberg, the district also has pantries at William Penn High School, Castle Hills Elementary, New Castle School, Southern Elementary and Pleasantville Elementary.

Check out some pictures from yesterday’s announcement!


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