A lemonade stand to help alleviate hunger!

We love hearing stories about kids who are working to make a difference in our community! Meet eight-year-old Ava and 14-year-old Alexis. Last weekend the girls set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood to benefit the Food Bank! For 50 cents, customers enjoyed a glass of lemonade and a cookie! If customers brought a food donation, they were entered into a drawing to win a school backpack.

To help spread the word, the girls blanketed their neighborhood with flyers encouraging neighbors to stop by the stand between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 4 for a refreshing drink! The lemonade stand was a great success! Ava’s grandmother stopped by the Food Bank today with the donations! The girls collected $58.91 and 63 pounds of food. This is enough money to provide almost 15 meals for Delawareans in need!

This isn’t Ava’s first time assisting the Food Bank! She celebrated her eighth birthday by asking her party guests to bring donations for families struggling to put meals on the table.  

Thank you to Ava and Alexis for your generosity! The families and individuals we serve greatly appreciate it!


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