Feeding kids in Georgetown, Delaware

By Kim Kostes, Communications Director

It takes an entire community to feed our children. This week I was honored to spend time with Eli Ramos. Mr. Ramos runs the Summer Nutrition Program out of the County Seat mobile home park in Georgetown. He drives to Georgetown from Lewes Monday through Friday to make sure at-risk kids have plenty of food to eat during the summer months when school is not in session. An active community member and activist for the Hispanic community, Ramos recognized a serious need in the County Seat neighborhood. He pointed out the many dilapidated trailers that make up this rural community. “The kids who live here are very, very poor,” he said. “Many of them don’t have toys to play with, and their families cannot afford healthy foods.”

Ramos fills the void in the community by partnering with the Food Bank of Delaware. Monday through Friday coolers full of fruit, sandwiches and milk cartons are dropped off to an empty lot in the neighborhood. At 11 a.m. local kids, along with their moms, begin to line up for lunch. Ramos depends on four high school students to help keep track of each child who comes by for lunch. The day I visited, milk, peaches and tuna fish on a pita were on the menu. After picking up their lunches, each family spreads out a blanket and enjoys lunch!

Each child I asked said how much they enjoy the food from the Food Bank – sandwiches are their favorite! In addition to lunch, Mr. Ramos had a surprise for both the kids and moms! He had two areas set up with donated toys and clothes. While the kids were digging through the toys picking their favorites, the moms picked through gently-used clothing.

We’re thankful for Mr. Ramos’ work in our community! Because of his willingness to step up and make a difference, close to 60 kids have access to nutritious foods each day!

To learn more about the Summer Food Service Program and how you can assist, please contact Stacy Stevens, Children’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, at (302) 444-8128 or sstevens@fbd.org.


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