Johnson & Johnson packs 1,200 backpack meals

We’re so thankful for all of the support we receive from our community to make sure at-risk Delawareans, especially children, have access to nutritious foods. Through our kids’ Backpack Program, we provide nutritious meals to close to 2,700 children on weekends and holidays when school meal programs are not available.  Last month our friends at Johnson & Johnson packed more than 1,200 meals for children participating in the program! We were excited when Janet Chonka from Johnson & Johnson agreed to serve as a guest blogger to talk about why it’s important for her company to assist with this much-needed program!

By Janet Chonka, Guest Blogger, Johnson & Johnson

 Hello, everyone!  I work at Johnson & Johnson in Pennsylvania.  Our company celebrates MLK Day of Service with our employees by volunteering at local agencies and holding an event of some sort at our headquarters.  This year the idea of food packing as part of the Feeding America “Kids Backpack Program” came up.  The Backpack Program provides nutritious meals to children who might not have any meals on the weekends or holiday.  J&J sponsors the Feeding America initiative throughout the year with various events at local Feeding America agencies.  Last year, our Sales employees attended a National Sales Meeting; 550 sales colleauges participated in a food packing event.  We all packed food bags, and they were donated to the local Feeding America agency as part of their “Kids Backpack Program.” 

This event idea inspired our own local 2012 MLK Day of Service event.   I called around the Philadelphia tri-state area and was lucky to find Charlotte McGarry at the Food Bank of Delaware (FBD).  Charlotte told me that the FBD participated in the Kids Back Pack Program.  I was THRILLED.  I worked with Charlotte on planning the program … she was probably tired of getting emails from me asking so many questions!  Charlotte was so helpful!  The food packing event was a great successs!  We had approximately 70 employees and family members pack 1,200 meals!  The FBD even came to our site to pick up the meal bags!  What a great feeling to help make a difference in the lives of so many children in our area.   We are hoping to do the same event next year and possibly some events during the year within our Sales teams.  Charlotte, you’ll be hearing from me again!!

Thank you so much to Janet and the team at Johnson & Johnson for making a positive impact on our community! Thanks to their support many children will have access to meals when school is not in session!


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