A DelawareCAN update!

By Kim Kostes, Community Relations Manager &
Peter Fitzpatrick, P.J. Fitzpatrick, DelawareCAN competitor

DelawareCAN competitors have until this Friday to finish their can structures! We can’t wait to see the finished creations! For the past month competitors from New Castle County and one participant from Bethany Beach have been collecting cans in order to create a structure! We left the structure theme up to our participants, but we’ll be awarding prizes based on these five categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Best use of Labels
  • Best use of the Food Bank’s Most-Needed Items
  • Best Meal
  • Largest Food Drive Donation

In addition to providing Delaware employers with an outlet to engage employees through teamwork, camaraderie and creativity, we’re confident that DelawareCAN will produce MANY meals for Delawareans in need! Our panel of judges, including First Lady Carla Markell and Annie Coons, wife of Senator Chris Coons, will hit the road next Wednesday to pick Delaware’s winners!

I recently checked in with our friend, Peter Fitzpatrick, at P.J. Fitzpatrick to see how their DelawareCAN build was going…

After initially entering into the contest we were brainstorming about what we could possibly build, and I remember our Marketing Director Almena Faux-Dugan looking  at me and going, “How are we going to do this!”  We leapt right in though, and our company “enforcer” Beth Reeder really helped out by getting everyone on board with bringing donations in and keeping them excited about the contest.

Getting the donations in turned out to be the easy part, but deciding what to do with the motley assortment of canned goods was definitely much more difficult than we anticipated.  Our Graphic Designer, David Fithian, was the one that suggested we go with a haunted house theme and we just ran with it from there.  We are building the main house out of 14-16oz cans, the garage out of smaller Campbell’s soup cans, the yard out of cereal boxes, and the driveway and walkway out of tuna cans.  Once we figure out what we’re doing with the roof (building a sloped/shingled roof out of canned goods is much more difficult than we anticipated…) then we’ll add some spooky decorations to really finish it off.

Despite it being a smaller structure than we initially though (we had to pick and choose which canned goods we’d use out of the donations) we’re extremely happy how it’s coming along and are certain we’ll impress the judges.   

So the heat is on, DelawareCAN competitors! Check out some progress pictures we’ve received from a few participants!


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