A backpack full of hope

For many Delaware children today was the first day of a brand-new school year! For some children it marked the end of long days at the pool and beach, while for other children, the first day of school means the return of regular, nutritious lunches thanks to the School Lunch Program. In Delaware close to 127,000 children depend on the program for healthy lunches.

In addition to the return of healthy school lunches, the new school year also marks the return of our Backpack Program. The Backpack Program puts food into the hands of children and youth at risk of going without meals during times when school is not in session. The Backpack Program sends backpacks filled with nutritious, kid-friendly foods home with children, most of whom rely on the free and reduce- price lunch program, over the weekends and school holidays when they may have to go without meals.

The Backpack Program is making a significant impact on the lives of children. Here are few messages we received last school year from children thankful for the program (adorable spelling errors and all)! The messages are heartbreaking, but demonstrate how much our food-assistance services are needed in the community.

“Dear Food Bank, thank you for giving us the food bags. We need it over the weekend.”

“Dear Food Bank, thank you for giving them to us over the weekend. We relly love them. My bruther and I love food bags.”

“Dear Food Bank, thank you for giving us the food bags because we run out of food we will need food bags on Firday. Mmmm we love food bags from you. Thank you for giving us food bags beause I need food bags on Friday because I barrly have enny food at my house.”

“Thank you for all the healthy food and drinks you give me each week. I eat all of the foods during the weekend. I share it with my family. Thank you very much.

“Love you so much. Thanks for the Friday bags. I really need the Friday bags, and I thank you so much.”

If you’d like to help make a significant difference in a child life, please consider sponsoring a child. For just $198, you can sponsor a child for an entire year. For more information, please contact Larry Haas, Development Director, at lhaas@fbd.org.

Check out some more pictures and notes we received from thankful children!



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