A legislative breakdown of food distributed by the FBD

We know how important it is to have good working relationships with elected officials in our state’s capital. Our elected officials have the power to pass legislation that will work to empower the families and individuals we serve.

It’s important that we keep an open dialogue with our representatives. Throughout the year we keep our legislators aprised of public policy that’s of importance to low-income Delawareans, send staff members to Dover to discuss issues and invite our elected officials to see our operations first hand.

Yesterday we distributed an eye-opening document showing the impact our hunger-relief efforts have on each legislative district in the state. Senators, Representatives, the Governor and others received a copy of this important information. The document breaks down by legislative district the impact the organization is
having on constituents. We break down our work by number of pounds of food distributed in each district, backpacks distributed to at-need children for the weekends and when school is not in session, meals served through our Children’s Nutrition Program, number of students who have received training through our Culinary School and seniors who have been helped by our Commodities Supplemental Food Program.

To view the document, please click here. To learn more about our hunger-relief efforts, please visit our website, www.fbd.org.


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