Team Food Bank takes on the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon & 5k

After months of training during the cold, dark winter months, ten of our staff members competed in the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon and 5k this past Sunday! To “carb up” for the race the team gathered for a spaghetti dinner at “Coach” Kim’s house the night before. The team was worried during the days leading up to the race because the weather forecast called for a mixture of snow and rain – certainly not ideal running conditions!

The next morning, decked out in green Team Food Bank shirts, the team came ready to run! While the temperature was cold, the skies were clear! The half marathon course was intense with hills throughout and one final killer hill coming up Market Street for the last .1 of both the half and 5k.

Congratulations to Kyle, Jason, Beverly, Anna and Ed for finishing the half marathon! “That ending hill was cruel and unusual punishment,” said Beverly. “But it was a wonderful experience to be able to bond with coworkers!”

Kyle finished first out of the Food Bank team in 1:32:22 and took fourth place overall for his age group!

Larry, Trevor, Erik, Charlotte and Kim ran the 5k race. Larry finished first out of the group, and Kim finished in 25:27 and won third place for her age group.

Great job to everyone on Team Food Bank! As you can imagine, on Monday morning there were several Food Bankers limping around with sore muscles! The team is already looking forward to planning group runs after work and participating in more races throughout the state!


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