Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne Hawkins

By Ed Matarese, Facilities Director

Joanne epitomizes everything that an organization could ever hope for in a volunteer:  reliable, competent, organized, a leader and an advocate for our mission to feed the hungry in our community.

Joanne is the lead volunteer at The Market, our low-cost grocery store located in Northeast Wilmington, just off Governor Printz Boulevard.  This Market helps provide affordable staple goods to residents in the area who may not be able to afford higher prices in larger supermarkets, or who may not have transportation available to them. Joanne does it all at The Market:  she takes care of customers, orders inventory, reconciles the daily receipts, teaches other volunteers and is always ready to listen to customers and make them feel welcome. She never fails to give us ample notice on the rare occasion when she can not volunteer that day so that other arrangements can be made.  Whenever we have a question about The Market, we don’t say “let’s call The Market, we say, “let’s call Joanne,” because Joanne IS the Market!

Joanne has been a volunteer at The Market since it opened in Wilmington almost two years ago.  It would be hard to imagine The Market without her.  We rely heavily on volunteers at our facilities in Newark and Milford, and that is true at The Market as well.  Were it not for volunteer leaders like Joanne, we may not be able to keep the doors open to serve the community.  In fact, most of the customers who visit The Market quickly become friends with Joanne.  

 Three days a week, Joanne serves  her community at The Market.  She juggles her personal and family life in order to help others, which is the true meaning of a great volunteer, and more important, a great person.


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