Pound for Pound Challenge #NetDE Team

Have you been keeping up with this season’s Biggest Loser? The Biggest Loser has teamed up with Feeding America and local food banks for the Pound for Pound Challenge. The challenge provides an opportunity for those looking to lose weight to pledge their pounds to their local food bank. For every pound pledged, the Biggest Loser will donate 11 cents to the local food bank.

Here in Delaware, active Twitter user, Brad Wason, has organized a team of individuals interested in losing weight while helping the Food Bank of Delaware! Brad says the idea to organize the team came from a tweet we recently posted on Twitter about the Pound for Pound Challenge.

“Myself included, I know a few people on Twitter looking to lose weight, and what better way than helping out the Food Bank and with a support group,” he says.

The #NetDE (#NetDE is the hashtag used on Twitter to promote all things Delaware, including networking events, local news and more) team has started a Facebook group to keep one another motivated and is currently recruiting more members who want to lose weight while helping the Food Bank!

Brad says the response for the Pound for Pound Challenge has been good so far. 18 members are currently involved, but more are welcome (participants do not need to be Twitter users). “The group component has helped,” he said.  “People have posted or found partners to work out with and shared recipes and tips on how to stay focused and fight through everyday challenges. Some people are looking to lose five or 10 pounds while others are shooting for 40 or more.”

Signing up for team #NetDE is easy. Just do a search for their page by team name by visiting http://www.pfpchallenge.com/Teams/default.aspx and typing in #NetDE (be sure to search by team name). A link for the Facebook group will be found on the #NetDE team page.  The group Facebook page is constantly being updated with movitational tips, updates on other members, healthy recipes and more.

Want to offer #NetDE some friendly competition? Sign up and create your own team with family members, co-workers or friends! Is the team component not for you? Individuals can pledge their pounds, too! The more pounds pledged from Delawareans, the more money received to feed the hungry in our state.

To learn more about the Pound for Pound Challenge, visit www.pfpchallenge.com.


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