Food Bank receives brand-new Newman’s Own Ford Truck

We recently received good news that we were the recipient of a brand-new Ford van through a partnership with the Ford Motor Company, Newman’s Own and Feeding America! We were thrilled when our new van was delivered! Right now it’s being used in Kent and Sussex Counties for our children’s After-School Feeding program.

Through this program we deliver meals to different after-school programs. Oftentimes the children we serve receive free or reduced-lunch during the school day, but once they go home for the evening they may not have access to a nutritious dinner. We help fill they void by utilizing our crew of dedicated volunteers to produce more than 2,000 meals a day for kids! Our fleet of drivers deliver the meals up and down the state.

When the van is not being used for our After-School Feeding Program, it’s also used as a supplemental vehicle for mobile pantries.

Dealing with hunger in some of Kent and Sussex counties rural areas can be a challenge. While urban areas have reliable public transportation infrastructures, transportation in these rural communities is limited. Oftentimes, many of the low-income individuals and families we work with do not have transportation. They rely on rides from family and friends and public transportation when available. 

In an effort to address transportation issues, the Food Bank of Delaware’s mobile pantry takes food directly to low-income communities. We load up one of our box trucks and vans with 30-pound meal boxes, fresh produce when available, breads, beverages and other available products. We distribute off the back of our truck and families line up to receive the assistance they need.

We’re incredibly fortunate for the support of the Ford Motor Company, Newman’s Own and Feeding America! Next time you see the van on the roads, beep the horn and wave to our driver!

Check out some more pictures of the new van (and our trusty leader, Patricia!)


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