Creative ways to spread holiday cheer

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and our entire staff has been busy making sure no family goes without this holiday season. This year we have heard tons of stories about how our supporters are making food drives a fun way to engage the community!

The Delaware Department of Labor’s Employee Recognition Committee recently coordinated a Thanksgiving Food Drive and Contest.  The division (inclusive of all sites) with the most bags won a casual day to be used on a day of their choosing (with their director’s consent).  The Division of Unemployment Insurance was the overall winner with 41 bags which consisted of enough items (and then some!) for a full meal.  The total count for the Department of Labor was 130 bags!  New Castle County’s donation alone weighed in at 1711 pounds!

Recently we received a letter that a group of kids from Sussex County submitted to their local paper highlighting some ways they worked to help hungry Delawareans. Check it out below!

Dear Editor,

 We are a group of children ages 7-13 who live in Rehoboth Beach.  We have recently learned that many children in Delaware are not getting the food and nutrition that they require for a healthy life.  Therefore, we decided to set up a food drive in our neighborhood for the Food Bank of Delaware! 

 We started by hosting a haunted house at the clubhouse and charged 2 cans per person for admission.  We had 70 people participate!  We collected a lot of food and $35 in donations.

 Our next project was a coffee stand during our neighborhood yard sale.  We sold coffee and cupcakes and made $17.67.

 Our last project was to collect food door-to-door.  We gave out brown paper bags donated by Super G and a list of possible foods.  We picked up the full bags on Sunday Nov. 14.   We collected 1,600 pounds of food and $195 in donations!

We are thankful to Super G for giving us the grocery bags, the Lingo family (Ann, Derrick, Regan, Leigh and Meg) for helping us with the haunted house, Chris Nichols and the Glade POA for supporting us and most of all, we are very thankful to our neighbors for their generosity.

 Yours truly,


We are so thankful for such a supportive community! From members of the business community to kids, hunger is an issue that everyone can help to alleviate!


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