10 ways to help feed a Delawarean in need

More and more Delawareans are reaching out for emergency food assistance. In fact, earlier this year we released startling new statistics on hunger in Delaware. 241,600 Delawareans depend on food assistance through our network of 440 hunger-relief program partners each year. With a population of just over 885,000 – this is more than one in four Delawareans!

Here are 10 ways you can help a struggling neighbor in need:

1. Organize a food drive. Food drives are an easy way to help those in need. A simple idea is a neighborhood food drive! Send out flyers or emails to your neighbors leting them know on a specific day they can leave nonperishables by their front door and a volunteer will be around to collect and drop off to the Food Bank.

2. Host a bake sale. Hold a bake sale at school, church or other community-based organization and donate the proceeds to the Food Bank of Delaware.

3. Volunteer your time. Help is always needed at the Food Bank sorting donations, packing boxes, stocking shelves and preparing meals fo rthe children’s after-school feeding program. To see current opportunities, please visit www.fbd.volunteerhub.com.

4. Send a text message; donate a meal. Text the word meals and your zip code to 71717; Kraft Foods will donate one meal to the Food Bank of Delaware.

5. Give a dollar to the Food Bank. With just one dollar we can provide three meals to hungry Delawareans.

6. Help a friend or neighbor. Know someone that is struggling to make ends meet? Tell them to call the Delaware Helpline at 2-1-1. The Helpline will refer them to a local food pantry.

7. Feed a child. With just $198 you can fund a child with enough weekend food for one year through our Backpack Program. Your generosity will ensure that a child does not go hungry when school is not in session. For more information, contact Larry Haas at lhaas@fbd.org or (302) 294-0186.

8. Purchase food for hungry families. Using our virtual food drive you can purchase food right from your own computer. It’s an easy way to help a neighbor in need.

9. Tell a friend. Share your own personal Food Bank experience with a friend, coworker or family member. Encourage them to get involved in our fight against hunger!

10. Contact your local officials. Ask them to support the Food Bank of Delaware’s hunger-fighting program and encourage them to pass legislation that helps Delawareans struggling to make ends meet.

For more information about the Food Bank of Delaware, please visit us at www.fbd.org.


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