Kids can help end hunger, too!

Our holiday food drive is in full swing and tons of organizations, schools, neighborhoods and others have already signed up to host food drives this year! Hosting a food drive is also a fun way to get children involved in community service! Three kids who are really working to make a difference in our community are Natalie, Sujal and Noah!

Nine-year-old Natalie recently held her third food drive in her neighborhood. To date, she has delivered more than 1,700 pounds of food to hungry Delawareans! With the help of her family and neighborhood friends, she put together flyers and delivered them to her neighbors letting them know that they could deliver food to her house or they’d be around with wagons to collect.  Her third drive was a huge success – with the help of the neighborhood she was able to fill half her family’s garage with food for families!

Last year when Sugee heard President Barack Obama address the nation on the number of Americans struggling to make ends meet he wanted to do something. With his mom and dad’s help he took his birthday money to purchase hungry Delawareans his favorite food, cereal. To stretch his dollar even further his family cut coupons in order to purchase more. Sugee and his family dropped off 105 boxes of cereal for hungry families in the First State. A year later he still kept his struggling neighbors in need in mind. His family recently visited the Food Bank to drop off 62 pounds of food!

Noah recently celebrated a birthday! Instead of having his party guests bring presents, the kids brought food and money for the Food Bank! He dropped the food off with his family – in total he collected $100 and 63 pounds of food!  

These children show that every little bit helps feed hungry Delawareans! Without the support of our community, feeding close to 242,000 Delawareans each year would be VERY difficult! If you are interested in learning how you can get more involved with the Food Bank of Delaware, please visit our website, We have tons of opportunities to volunteer and host food drives!


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