Holman Moving Systems to “Move Out” Hunger

Today we received word from Holman Moving Systems that they have made a commitment to Move for Hunger, a non-profit that partners with moving companies to pick up unwanted, unopened food during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks. Holman Moving is the first mover in Delaware to partner with Move for Hunger and will be donating all foods collected to the Food Bank of Delaware!

“We strongly believe in Move for Hunger’s mission to fight hunger nationwide and are thrilled to bring the program to Delaware,” said Katherine Holman, President, Holman Moving Systems. “In these hard times, people need our help now more than ever. By collecting just a few cans of food from each customer that we move, we know we canmake a difference in the lives of thousands of Delawareans who go hungry every year.”

More than 241,000 people living in Delaware receive emergency food assistance every year. Forty-four percent of those in need are children. With times getting tighter, these numbers are dramatically increasing.

When people move, they often throw away unused pantry items. As part of the Move for Hunger program, Holman Moving will encourage customers to donate these goods instead. Customers who participate will place their items in a moving box that Holman will collect on moving day. Each month, Holman will deliver boxes collected to the Food Bank of Delaware.

Holman Moving Systems has pledged to deliver a minimum of 300 pounds of food to the Food Bank of Delaware each year. The company has also joined Move for Hunger in New Jersey, where it will provide similar support the Center for Food Action in Englewood, NJ.

Thank you Holman Moving Systems!

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