A Visit to the Lake Forest Senior Mobile Pantry

Yesterday a few Food Bankers had the opportunity to visit one of our Hunger-Relief Partners, the Lake Forest Senior Mobile Pantry. The Mobile Pantry takes place inside the Felton United Methodist Church and a group of dedicated volunteers, lead by Jeannie and Dave Wood, run this efficient food pantry.

Len, our Warehouse Supervisor in Milford, pulled up in our big box truck a little bit before 9 a.m., and a group of energetic students from Lake Forest High School were ready to unload! Tons of meal boxes, personal care products, chicken and beverages were carried in and set up to be distributed.  

The student helpers are part of Mrs. Karen Williams’ Principles of Leadership class at the high school. Through the class, students are taught about the importance of community service and visit the Food Bank several times throughout the year to help sort food, pack meals for our children’s feeding programs, gather turkeys at the annual Turkey Round Up and more!

Lake Forest’s principal, Mr. John Filicicchia, is a big supporter of the Leadership Prorgram. “The most important thing about this program is our students see what our community needs. In terms of developing good citizens – this is priceless.,” he said.

The distribution began at 10 a.m. and a group of seniors congregated outside the church around 9:45. They were all incredibly thankful for the program and agreed that things would be a lot harder without it. One of the seniors said, “the food received helps a lot, especially living on a fixed income. Medications are expensive and sometimes I have to choose between paying for food and my medicines.”

Brett Healy was one of the student volunteers and said the volunteer opportunity was a lot of fun, but also an eye opener as he wasn’t aware so many Delawareans depended on food assistance. “This is my first time and they [the seniors] are so grateful. It’s nice to put a smile on their faces.”

The Frederica Senior Center brought in a busload of seniors including 92-year-old Bertha Macklin. Ms. Macklin lives alone and receives some assistance through the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assitance Program, formerly food stamps) program. The food received through the Lake Forest Mobile Pantry helps her get through the month. “I try to spend wisely by getting stuff I can put in the freezer,” she said.

Close t0 90 seniors were served yesterday and each and every one of them left with a trunk load of food and a smile!


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