We’re a Four-Star Charity on Charity Navigator

We’ve been designated a Four-Star Charity on Charity Navigator! A four-star rating is “exceptional” and indicates that “the charity exceeds industry standards and performs as well as or better than most charities in its cause.” Of the 5,500 charities evaluated by Charity Navigator only 33 percent received a four-star rating. We’re really proud of this designation because we work hard to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. Putting money towards programs that help feed hungry Delawareans is what we’re all about!

For every dollar donated to the Food Bank  95 cents goes directly towards feeding hungry Delawareans.

Did you know?

  • Just $1 provides three meals
  • $2.50 fills a ten pound shopping bag of groceries
  • $25 can feed a family of four people three meals per day for a week
  • $100 can feed a family of four for an entire month
  • $26.95 feeds a child for one month
  • $80.84 feeds a child for the entire summer

Charity Navigator bases its ratings scale on information obtained from a charity’s tax return or IRS 990 form. These documents are created from a charity’s professionally audited books. To view our four-star designation, please click here. Interested in helping to feed hungry Delawareans? Please click here.


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