A Busy Summer at the Food Bank of Delaware

This summer has been incredibly busy at the Food Bank of Delaware. Between packing 10,000-12,000 meals a day for children at risk of going hungry to ensuring that seniors have boxes of healthy foods to last the entire month our work does not end.

Our Children’s Nutrtion, Volunteer and Kitchen departments are pumping sandwiches out all day and brown bags are being filled with fruits, snacks, milk and other goodies around the clock. Our volunteers and summer youth workers spend time cleaning coolers so we can pack everything for our drivers to take to sites throughout the state. This feeding program requires a lot of hands and a commitment to make sure that no child goes without healthy meals this summer.

Our Children’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, Stacy Stevens, has played a key role in making sure the program runs smoothly. “Last week as I was running around streched to the gills, I stopped at a site and the kids were sitting there waiting for us. As we got back in the truck, the kids were opening the coolers with the site supervisor ooing and aahing at the food like it was Christmas morning! I sat and cried and remembered that no matter what we go through getting the food to the sites, it is all worth it in the end!”

Volunteers are needed daily to help make sandwiches, clean coolers and pack meals for kids. “Volunteers help to make this program successful,” said our Milford Branch Manager, Crystal Timmons. “Without them we can’t possibly get this many meals out the door!”

If you’d like to help out, please schedule a time at our volunteer scheduling site, www.fbd.volunteerhub.com. If you are able to stay longer or must leave before the shift ends, that’s not a problem! We can use all the help we can get! If you have any questions, email volunteer@fbd.org (New Castle County) or volunteerinmilford@fbd.org (Kent/Sussex Counties)!


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