$100,000 Walmart Grant Opportunity

We were recently chosen by Walmart to be a part of the Associate Choice Program in the state of Delaware! Four other very worthy Delaware nonprofit organizations are also in the running to receive a $100,000 grant from Walmart. Delaware Walmart associates will determine the chosen organization during the months of July and August. If you’re a Walmart employee, please check with your store manager on the voting process! And Food Bank supporters, if you know Walmart associates, please let them know about the work we’re doing in the community to alleviate hunger!

An additional $100,000 for our organization is significant. With that money we can help many Delawareans who are at risk of hunger.

  • The funding will allow us to provide an additional 334,000 meals
  • We’ll be able to fill 40,000 10-pound grocery bags with nutritious food
  • We can feed 4,000 families of four three meals per day for a week
  • We can feed 1,000 families of four for an entire month
  • We can feed 1,237 children for an entire summer
  • $100,000 allows us to fill 16 tractor trailers filled with more than 26,000 pounds of donated food

As you can see, $100,000 will provide food assistance for a significant amount of Delawareans. The help is needed now more than ever! In early February we released new statistics on hunger in Delaware. In 2006, the year of our last study, 88,400 Delawareans depended on emergency food assistance. Our most-recent study indicates that 241,600 Delawareans are now utilizing emergency food assistance services. Forty-four percent of the household members we serve are children under 18 years old. These numbers are staggering and it is evident that Delaware families continue to feel the effects of the economy. Unfortunately, many families here in the First State are still unemployed and living pay check to pay check.

We’re appreciative to be a contender for this important grant!


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