We’re Losing Weight!

By Beverly Jackey, Community Nutritionist, Newark

Our staff is shrinking in size! Don’t worry no one has quit or gotten laid off!  Since January some Food Bank staffers have committed themselves to a year-long weight-loss challenge. (Jim, Ed and Trevor (in the picture on the right) are just some of the participants.) Through healthy eating and exercise, the group has lost a total of 208.6 pounds for an average monthly weight loss of 41.72 pounds! Five staff members have lost more than 20 pounds!

The group weighs in every Friday with either myself or Lisa, our registered dietitian in Milford. Once a month we  meet to talk about the group’s progress, set individual goals and a monthly weight-loss winner is chosen. This individual is someone who has demonstrated a commitment to his/her weight-loss goals. Participants are competing for a host of prizes including a one-week paid vacation to the individual who has shown the most commitment to his/her weight-loss journey at the end of the competition.

Our President and CEO, Pat Beebe, is one of the participants: “My tenure at the FBD has provided me with many gifts and this is yet another one.  To lose weight and exercise, the correct and healthy way, with the support and encouragement of people I truly admire and enjoy working with everyday; who cannot like that?  Plus this summer I have all kinds of new clothes by just shopping my closet!”

For our Facilities and Volunteer Director, Ed Matarese, the weight-loss challenge accomplished two main goals:

“I was an avid runner and biker in the early to mid 80’s, but gave it up for no apparent good reason (laziness, probably).  This challenge not only has changed my eating habits, but I am back enjoying running 5-6 days a week and feeling better than I have in years. I had a recent annual physical with my physician.  She was extremely pleased with the results:  weight down by 20 pounds, blood pressure was down, cholesterol count was down, triglyceride count was down, resting pulse rate was down, uric acid level down. She reduced my medications across the board and told me to keep on doing exactly what I was doing.  We are only six months into the challenge, and I hope to surpass the goals I set for myself and maintain a healthy diet and continue my exercise program.”

Stay tuned for new updates from weight-loss challenge participants!


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