Volunteer Spotlight: G-SEC Church

By Kat Caudle, Volunteer Coordinator, Newark

The Food Bank of Delaware has many volunteer groups that come in to help out. One of our newest groups is Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Plant. G-SEC, as they call themselves, is a group of Episcopalians who have decided to start a church in the Bear-Glasgow area of Delaware. They have been in the area for the last four years. Every year since 2008, G-SEC has participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring donating a total of more than 200 pounds of food in two years.  Church members still wanted to do more for the Food Bank. The congregation has many talents – one of them being gardening! 

This was a fortuitous talent since we’re currently expanding our gardens for the hungry this year and we were looking for volunteers that wanted to help us dig, expand, plant and grow vegetables and herbs. On Sunday, April 18 G-SEC came out in the overcast, chilly weather and helped us expand our gardens, plant vegetables and herbs and even helped us begin to move rocks so that volunteers could plant sunflowers and other plants for Earth Day! As G-SEC helped us prepare the land for today’s Earth Day activities we are thankful not only for G-SEC but also for all of our faith-based groups that come in to help feed hungry Delawareans.

As we celebrate Earth Day today by planting, mulching and creating compost bins, we are reminded that the most important resource we can protect is the Earth. When we sow the harvest from our gardens, we’ll know that hungry Delawareans are getting nutritious food.


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