It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week!

As volunteer appreciation week kicks off across the state, here at the Food Bank of Delaware we’re reminded of how much we appreciate each and every volunteer. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization! Last year, we hosted 10,707 volunteers who donated more than 39,000 hours! Without our volunteers we would have had to hire 19 full-time staff members to get the same amount of work done! This week, as everyone shows their appreciation to volunteers, we plan to highlight the many volunteer groups that help out every day, week and month! While we don’t have the room to highlight every volunteer, we appreciate them all! We will celebrate our volunteers next Wednesday, April 28 (5:30-7:30) in Newark and Thursday, May 13 (5:30-7:30) in Milford.

Today’s Volunteer Highlight is a group from the Bayard House in Wilmington. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Kat Caudle, had a chance to sit down and talk to the young ladies from the Bayard House to find out more about the group and why they come to the Food Bank of Delaware. The Bayard House is a program for pregnant women who are between the ages of 14 and 24.  The mission of the Bayard House is to provide residential, educational and referral services to at-risk pregnant teens/women and to young families in need, so that they may become nurturing parents and independent, contributing members of society.

When Kat sat down with these young ladies, not only was she impressed with their desire to help the community but also their desire to be the best parents possible. The women volunteer their time every Monday afternoon and no matter what else is going on at the time, when they walk in to our Volunteer Room we know that work will get done! The women have done everything from helping the Volunteer Department get rid of old paperwork to wiping cans off after two very windy and “pollen-y” days. They never complain, always have smiles on their faces and they’re always ready to work. We’re thankful for the ladies from the Bayard House for helping the Department get organized and esnuring that Shopper’s Choice look fantastic!

Thank you to all of our volunteers, and today, thank you for our volunteers from Bayard House!


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