What’s Happening this Week in the Volunteer Room

By Kat Caudle, Volunteer Coordinator, Newark

Well it’s been two weeks since we’ve launched our new VolunteerHub scheduling Web site and the response has been great. All of our volunteers love our new scheduling system, it’s easier for them to find dates and it makes our department much more organized. We’ve had a couple of hiccups but we’re working on them and we’re excited for this to take on a life of its own!

We’ve been doing a lot of planning in terms of projects that are coming up for our volunteers. As the weather turns warmer there are a lot of outdoor projects that will need to happen. Our fleet of vehicles will need to be cleaned and kept up with, our lawns will need to be picked up and mowed. I grew up helping my grandparents’ farm every summer and my mother is an avid gardener. I myself started container gardening last year. Between my love of gardening and our Assistant Volunteer Coordinator’s passion for feeding the hungry—this year we will be expanding the gardens we have on-site. This means we’ll need volunteers to help lay down soil and plant seeds, but also take care of those plants as they grow and produce food for us to feed the hungry with.

We will be looking for volunteers to help be our advocate at events such as UD’s Ag Day and Newark Community Day as well as other upcoming community events. These events are important to the Food Bank, because not only do we increase the number of volunteers that come in to help but we’re also educating the public about the issue of hunger and how they can help end it. We train any volunteer that asks to be trained and we’ll even help set up when staff is available! We are also very excited to be a part of the Wilmington Grand Prix bicycle race this year. This race is one of the country’s top 20 races and people from all over will come to Wilmington for this May 22 race. We are looking for volunteers to help on the day of the race as well as walk in the kick-off parade that morning with us.

Starting now, the Food Bank of Delaware has a partnership with the State Service Centers in order to feed those qualified Delawareans who come through the State Service Centers for services. We are looking for volunteers who could give us four hours once a week to help stock shelves, give out boxes or place orders for each center. Volunteer training sessions will be announced next week. This is an important partnership for us and our volunteers; it’s a great way to ensure that the nearly 242,000 Delawareans at risk of going hungry don’t go hungry this year!

With warmer weather comes the end of the school year and the beginning of our Summer Feeding Program. We will begin recruiting volunteers for our Summer Feeding Program in April. This year we’re expecting to make and pack more meals than we have in years past. Volunteers will be needed to help us make sandwiches in the morning and pack lunches and snacks all day! It’s guaranteed to be busy and fun!

If any of these projects sound interesting to you or if you know of community events that we should attend, please contact Kat Caudle at Volunteer@fbd.org. To learn about or sign up for projects not mentioned here, please go to our new scheduling website: www.fbd.volunteerhub.com to register and sign up to volunteer.


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